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Welcome to the Weird & Wealthy Podcast with Michelle Bobrow, Financial Coach & Money Mentor. Michelle helps creatively-minded folks practice great financial habits in fun, empowering, and kind of weird ways so they can hop off the struggle bus and fund lives they love.

In Season One of the Weird and Wealthy podcast, Michelle is candidly sharing her own personal money story in the hopes that it inspires you to engage with yours and stay weird, grow wealth, and become your own money master.

Here at Weird & Wealthy, we believe in sharing relatable stories and practical human solutions to money matters. Yes, this is considered alternative. Yes, the expectation to perform robotically and fit into neat little boxes is considered normal. How strange!

Whether you budget or spend intuitively, whether you remain debt-free or utilize lines of credit, whether you keep the lucrative corporate career or venture out on your own selling ice cream, you can be WEIRD & WEALTHY.

Because it is “not normal” to be economically empowered to make life choices that are authentic with your unique character. Statistically speaking, that is quite true: You will be the anomaly.

There is this beautiful balance between boundaries and limitlessness.

And the stories we share on the Weird & Wealthy Podcast explain just how that’s possible.

This podcast is specifically geared towards people who feel weird and conflicted about money and their relationship with it but also know that it’s an essential relationship to improve and nourish. (Think: marriage counseling with money!)

Because the more we stress about money, the more of a distraction and obstacle it is for the other things we aspire to be or do or have in our lives. So if we want to do or have or BE the big things we desire, we need to form an alliance with our finances. We need our wallets on our side.

And until we break through the money stigmas {cough, cough, having this conversation at all!}, we’re never going to be on good enough terms with our finances to be supported (read: not controlled) by money.

The more wealth we have, the weirder we’re free to be. You CAN be weird & wealthy at the same time. This link-a-roo right here will take you on over to iTunes where you can listen, subscribe, and leave a fantastic review!


Michelle Bobrow is the founder of The Holistic Wallet, Inc. You can find more about her coaching services and online courses over at www.michellebobrow.com.