Episode #108: Michelle's Take On Debt Stigmas

After I left my toxic and abusive relationship, my finances weren't as secure and cushy as they had been before and I utilized no- to low-cost debt options to help me sleep better at night while I re-built my financial life. All of the stigmas I personally held towards carrying debt myself were flipped and I soon learned that debt can save lives when it's used well. If you have debt, this episode contains some fresh new ways to look at it while you pay it off. 


Episode #107: Michelle's Year Of Loveless Insanity

This episode contains tales of my experience in a toxic narcissistic abusive relationship and its impact on my own financial and mental wellbeing. Suicide and partner abuse are mentioned. While I might not approach these topics in a sensitive way, I do look back in my typical light-hearted storytelling method as a way to illustrate how toxic relationships can lead us down the wrong path, both financially and otherwise. 

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Episode #105: Michelle's Existential Financial Crisis

My personal finance journey has been a constant lesson in balance, of swinging back and forth between frugal and excessively indulgent. Over the years, the swings have become less extreme and I hover closer to the center.

Nothing highlighted this tendency better than my responses to two separate bouts of ovarian cancer. In this episode, I explore how two health crises completely shifted the way I made and managed my money.